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Friday, December 4, 2009

End of peace

The smallest of the brichardi has been killed. I found it lying almost dead, face down and immediately separated it. But it died some time later. This one fish was part of a group of three called the Leftists. This was because they used to occupy the rock cluster on the left edge of the tank. They used to coexist in peace and I thought everything would just remain that way. But nature reminded me that it is was time.

The remaining two brichardis of the Leftists group have also been wounded but not fatally. One them is sporting scars on the body whereas the other one is having a shredded tail. I found these two with thier lives hanging in balance as they were trying to hide behind the filter draw pipe. I seperated the two and immediately added some pimafix to give them some stress relief. How I wished I had got some API stress coat too!

So that leaves the other 3 brichardis in the tank. One of them is the biggest, already almost 2 inches and this one seemed peaceful. I could see one of the other two medium ones and there was no sign of aggression or damage on it. So I could immediately think about one reason for the end of peace. A pair had finally formed. But wait a minute, if this was true the other remaining medium sized brichardi was in grave danger. I could see that the two ones which seemed like a pair were not together, but when they passed by each other, there was neither love nor aggression.

I searched for the remaining brichardi and finally when it came out, I saw that it was also clean. No signs of damage whatsoever. So its not a pair that has formed. Looks like its a trio. Either a trio has formed from the original six inhabitants or the fact the biggest 3 just decided to eliminate the smaller 3 fish. Whatever it was, it was an evening of ruthlessness as I stood helpless before nature and watched all that unfolded before my eyes.