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Friday, October 2, 2009

Moss tank update

When shifting houses we are forced to strip down planted tanks to the bone to enable us to easily transfer the setup in pieces to the new house.

This is how the tank looked before it was strip down. It had an over growth of Java moss on the central driftwood and good hanging growth of Christmas moss on the stones laid out.

Recent updates to the tank

1. Made christmas moss the main stay of the tank and added 3 clumps of flame moss.
2. Made several cuttings of the anubias and have tried propogation, need to wait for some time for the results.
3. Changed the layout and added another driftwood to soften the water and make it more acidic. My tap water is hard and alkaline.

Pictures from the setup

Brichardi update

I lost my whole lot of Brichardis save one when I shifted my house. Recently I have resetup the tank and procured another lot of juveniles and am reattempting a pairing and breeding attempt.

Lucky for the fishes, this new place has borewell water that is hard and high on the quantity of dissolved solids, no idea on the pH though. Junked the old substrate and setup the tank with only rock work. These rocks were collected during a visit to Mekadatu-Sangam.

Full tank shot. The tank is a 20G long with dimentions 2.5'x1'x1' and the rocks are setup with a triangular arrangement. I don'k like the arrangement either and I will be resetting it up soon.

Obtained 6 numbers of Brichardis. The biggest is about an inch long and the smallest is about half inch. 

Feeding them on a mix of prepared and dry foods including

1. Tetrabits
2. Hikari Cichlid gold
3. Hikari Cichlid Bio Gold+
4. Wardley cichlid pellets
5. Wardley flake food
6. Dried bloodworms (rarely)
7. Frozen bloodworms (once a week)