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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Outdoor tub update

Summer is arriving and direct sunlight will heat up the tub too much for the livestock and the plants in it to survive. So I have moved the tub back to a position where there will be no direct sunlight falling on it. but ensured that there will be sufficient diffused sunlight and plenty of day light that the tub willbe recieving.

I should say that the plant growth has not been fantastic. I expected more during the winter months. Currently there are amazon swords, hygrophilla and tiger lotus that are growing in the tub and livestock are mostly guppies and ghost shrimps. Guppies are breeding like crazy.

Some pictures of the setup.

The tub on my balcony.

Couple of amazon swords have grown short and bushy because of the high light conditions.

The tiger lotus (or may be lily) send red leaves right to the surface. 

A few of my guppy fry.

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