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Friday, January 16, 2009

My low light planted setup.

Last month I have started a planted low light setup. I have no substrate in the tank, only rocks and driftwood and so the plants I have chosen are Moss, Anubias and Java Fern.

First the tank. The dimentions are 1.5' x 9'' x 9'' roughly holds about 6 gallons of water. The lighting currently in is a 11W CFL that is on for eight hours a day in two phases of 4 hours each. This is a no fish tank and so I had decided not to go for any filteration, but I have been informed that still water with lighting will lead to algae issues.

Currently I have installed a 2.5W 150 Lph nano internal power filter for this tank and it creates some kind of a circulation to keep things going. The driftwood is placed in the centre to create a grassy hill kind of centre piece with rocks all round the hill at the base to create a rocky shoreline. I want to create the effect of a forest at the slopes and trying to achieve the same with the plants.

Currently the plants are Java and Xmas moss and Anubias nana - gold and petite. For Fern I choose the dwarf java fern which has been promised to stay small so as to not compromise with the 9'' hieght of the tank.

No fishes in, couple of wood shrimps are the only occupants. No CO2, no fertilisers, still finalising on the water change regime. Some say 50% water changes a week, where as the others suggest topups and rare water changes. I need to find a balance to enable my slow growers to survice and is possible to thrive.

These are pictures of my initial setup when there was only java moss and a single Anubias nana petite. Currently the tank needs some maintenance. Will post recent pictures soon.

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