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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Convict update

Pictures of my convict pair and their juveniles in the 33G tank

The juveniles are about 3 months old, the biggest are about 1+ inch

Surprising for convicts, the parents just ignore the juveniles.

The female convict named Rebel, stays at around 3''

The male convict called Fluffy, he is about 4'' now and flowing fins.

More pictures of this update are available here


Ravi said...

Looks wonderful and the fry batch that I've taken from you are doing well. I added two female (black) convicts to the batch last week.

Anonymous said...

Great news. I know that you will take good care of the convicts. How are your new tanks coming along? Leak tested? Just keep an eye on aggression in the tank when you add new ones.