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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Convict update

Pictures of my convict pair and their juveniles in the 33G tank

The juveniles are about 3 months old, the biggest are about 1+ inch

Surprising for convicts, the parents just ignore the juveniles.

The female convict named Rebel, stays at around 3''

The male convict called Fluffy, he is about 4'' now and flowing fins.

More pictures of this update are available here

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Changes on the outdoor tub

This tub was left uncared for for months together. The actual steps done to get the tub together was as follows

1) Purchase the largest plastic tub that could be sourced locally. This holds about ~10G of water.
2) For the substrate I had used layers of coarse river gravel and fine garden potting soil. About 2-3 layers of each, the top most layer being river gravel of course.
3) Filled partially with water
4) Planted the two rosettes of Amazon Sword plant available with me at that time.
5) Fill the tub to the brim with water and allow to sit for a week.
6) Introduced 4 ghost shrimps.

This is how the setup has been for months together now, in rain and sun. I remember having topped up water only once when the water level went past the half way mark.

Today I moved the tub out to a place on the veranda where there will be more sunlight and introduced the red lily plant that I have along with a java moss tied to a rock. Also added were 5 guppies all babies all born here and 1 platy and 1 molly. All these fishes have been born in my tanks.

More sunlight for the plants, climate's cool for the moss. Let me check out how the fishes will do. TBD: Get a piece of mosquito net and keep the tub covered. This will prevent a lot of dust from settling on the water and prevent the fishes from jumping out.