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Monday, September 8, 2008

Phew all the fry survived.

I was to spend a weekend in vacation...
Yeah sounds very exciting with all the travel, places to see, people to meet, fun to be sought.
But its a totally different scenario when you have fry growing out.
Last time I was in this situation, my entire batch of platy fry were wiped out, all I found was white speckles that were formerly fry.

This time tough I was not going too long, leaving at 6 AM on Saturday and returning back by 3 PM on Sunday. I had one more support my side, this time I am dealing with Convict babies and these guys are real tough ones.

I did a water change on Friday night I changes about 50% and made sure all the muck was gone. I fed them about 3 times with microworms on the Friday evening. This was before I did the water change and one feeding after the water change happened on Saturday morning.

When I came back on Sunday afternoon, the babies were all there and well hungry, but they were there, they did not give up on me. These are some tough buggers no wonder they are called convicts.

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