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Friday, August 29, 2008

Estherae fry at last

Today at dawn, I switched on the tank lights and I saw the estherae fry. There must have been atleast ten at that time beside the anubias plant. The mother was in a hurry and took all of her babies back into the protection of her mouth.

I filled in the tub with a little water from the fry tank where I had the holding estherae female all the while. It has been over 3 weeks since she started holding and all the while she has not eaten one bit. I decided enough was enough. I moved the female to the tub. This was going to be my maternity ward and I was going to deliver the babies myself.

The technique - as suggested by some members on IAH and a video of "How to stripe fry from holding mouth brooders" that was available on cichlid-forum. I held the fish with my left hand enclosed and with my right I pressed against the mouth and jaw and lightly applied pressure it she spit out the fry. Wow I was so tensed and once it was over I was so happy.

The fry are back to the fry tank and the female will remain in the tub for atleast two weeks and recuperate and gain some strength.

Picture of the fry

For more pictures click here

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