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Thursday, June 26, 2008

WC and cleaning - cichlid tank

After a long time, I made a partial water change on my convict tank. The water parameters were stable, no ammonia, no nitride and no nitrates also - the API master test kit was not able to detect any. But still I went for a partial water change, about 30%. I noticed that the water was a yellowish shade, I think because the driftwood is still leaching its tannins into the water, but that is not a cause of concern for me.

I cleaned the HOB completely, of course from water from the tank. cleaned the filter cartridges and media and also cleaned the internal power filter sponge and set every thing back. As for the glass, I wiped clean only the front face as I did not want to lose too much algae since I have the pleco in. The filter media were messy and full of dirt and cleaning them was a thing but everything is cleaner now and will perform better.

Finally did some changes to the aquascape. The sand substrate was flat throughout except potions which are claimed by the cichlid couple. they are digging furiously to make their caves in the substrate, but they hit the glass bottom... I created some mounds and valleys to soften the landscape a bit. Waiting for the sand to settle before I take some pictures.

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