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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Meet the Aquarist - Vimal Stan

Vimal Stan is a fellow aquarist from HSR Layout and he is into planted tanks. He has got a 4.5 x 2 x 2 tank that he has built from 12 mm polished glass. The tank sits on a custom made fully enclosed metal stand and custom metal hood that is supported on the stand.

He has got mounted about 4 powerful CFL lamps with reflectors for his tank which is fully planted with moss, ferns, crypts, chain swords, blyxa, hyrdophila and a lot of other plants which I cannot recall. The tank looks beautiful in multiple shades of green, red, and pink. The substrate is about 3'' of ADA soil.

The pressurized CO2 setup is diffused with a diffuser and for filtration he has got a Eheim cannister filter which neatly sits inside the enormous stand. The fishes include Cardinal tetra, Lemon tetra, Glass tetra and Rainbows.

The other tank he has got is a 1 ft cube that has Cherry Shrimps. This is also planted but yet to take off.

I met Vimal at his residence in HSR 4th sector last evening, spent some time admiring his tanks and setup, discussing about his aquascape and his custom designs and left with a lot of Hygrophila Polysperma cuttings.

Thanks Vimal for the great time and looking forward to meeting up again.

1 comment:

Vimal S. Stan said...


A whole post about me.. so cool! hehe..

Was great having you and Vignesh over. Should get together more often :)

Best of luck with the stand.